How does eQuip work?

eQuip is a two year apprenticeship program for people exploring full or part time Christian ministry.

There are two main parts to the eQuip traineeship:

1. Some of your time is spent "in the classroom" in face to face seminars & workshops in practical theology and ministry skills. These are led by experienced christian leaders. For more details about this, go to the Syllabus page.

2. The rest of your time is spent doing practical ministry in a context like the local church or an University Christian group. This is to ensure that eQuip is all about a "have a go" experience of ministry. The two parts of the program dovetail together as you put into practice what you learn in the classroom. The practical ministry takes place under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the Director of eQuip. This ensures that your ministry experience happens in a well-supervised and supported context.

Most eQuip trainees choose to focus their practical ministry in particular area such as:

  • Local Church
  • Youth
  • Cross Cultural ministry/Global Mission
  • Family and Children
  • Evangelism
  • City Workers
  • Overseas students
  • University students

Why do equip?

eQuip is an excellent way to discover the kinds of ministries you are drawn to and well-suited to, and to discern whether vocational ministry is a direction you could take in the future. In addition, eQuip is accredited by Ridley Theological college, which means your time at eQuip can earn credits towards a graduate or post-graduate qualification at Ridley.

how much time does it take?

An eQuip traineeship usually lasts for 2 years, and can be done full time (5 days/week) or part-time (min 2 days/week). The course usually starts in February each year, but provision may be made for mid year enrolments.

how much does equip cost?

The current fees for eQuip are $1320 per year. In addition, we expect each eQuip trainee will need a minimum of $20k to support themselves over the course of a year. This may come from part-time work and/or support from Christian donors. eQuip is able to help its trainees raise the support they need.