What will I learn?

The eQuip syllabus is run on a two year cycle. There are two semesters each year, of 14 weeks each. Subjects include: 

Christian Disciplemaking


Biblical Theology & Interpretation 

Basic Theology

Learn To Preach 

Christian Leadership


Ridley College Accreditation

Four subjects of the eQuip syllabus (one each Semester) have been accredited by Ridley Theological College, Melbourne. If a Trainee chooses they can enroll at Ridley, which means that completing 2 years in eQuip will secure credits towards a graduate or postgraduate qualification at Ridley. A Trainee will gain 2 full subjects (8 credit points) at the Graduate level, by enrolling in a Graduate Certificate of Divinity which can be used as credit towards a Master of Divinity. These Trainees will also have access to the government Fee-Help to pay all their Ridley fees. 

Trainees do not have to enroll in Ridley. Those who choose not to enroll will be taught the same material but do not need to complete assessment.