Who is eQuip for?

eQuip is a two year apprenticeship program that allows you to fully experience what it is like to be involved in vocational ministry – to see and experience how ministers and Christian workers spend their time.

The program is for anyone who is interested in being better equipped for a lifetime of Christian ministry. For some it is a stepping stone into "full-time" paid ministry. For others it is a precious investment in their future as lay leaders in the local church. Some join eQuip straight from Uni, but others have spent time in the workplace first. Here are a few of the people currently on the eQuip program:


Francie Jackson

Francie Jackson recently graduated from her Arts Degree at Melbourne Uni. She is placed at St Jude's Unichurch where she came on board as an eQuip trainee this March. She lives right next door to the church in the Old Vicarage, with three other Unichurchers. This means that on a Sunday morning she often awakes to the dulcet tones of congregational singing. She likes lisianthus flowers, peanut butter on crumpets and books by LM Montgomery. She dislikes canned beetroot and rain on her glasses. She loves that this traineeship gives her an excuse to deliberately meet up with friends to pray and read the bible together, and mix with people who have walked with God for many more years than herself.

Bryan Bock

I'm an international student from Malaysia, and I recently graduated from a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at Melbourne University. I decided to do eQuip was because I wanted to head towards "full-time" ministry in the future. I realised that doing eQuip would not only bring clarity to whether or not ministry was suitable for me, but it would also prepare me to serve in ministry in my church. And so far it definitely has! I get challenged to grow in my faith and Bible knowledge, trained to lead bible study groups, do walk-up evangelism, preaching, leading seminars/workshops, organize conferences, and mentor students.


Brian Hamilton

Brian recently graduated from his Masters in Education at Melbourne Uni, and works as a music teacher in a high school. In 2015 Brian decided to spend 50% of his time working as a music teacher, and 50% of his time as an eQuip trainee, placed in a student congregation. He wants to do this as apossible stepping stone into "full-time" paid bible teaching ministry. Brian loves Jazz and will be putting his musical talents to good use in his role as an eQuip trainee, as well as getting to know God and his Word mush more deeply.