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Our History

Originally named 'The Timothy Institute', Equip was started in 1990 by Peter Adam, who was at the time the vicar of St Jude's Anglican Church.

Peter begain 'The Timothy Institute' to meet what he saw was the pressing need for young believers to be raised up into ministry. These young people were trained in practical ministry skills, given opportunity to put those skills to use and were eventually sent out as gospel workers across Victoria and beyond.

Today, Equip continues that vision by partnering with churches and university ministries to grow and develop the ministry skills of this current generation of trainees, to produce a future generation of gospel workers.


Rob Miller - Director

Rob oversees the program and teaching of Equip, delivering training and supporting trainees in their Equip journey.

In addition to being the director of Equip, Rob Miller is an ordained Anglican minister and the Campus Staff Team Leader of Melbourne University Christian Union.

With years of experience ministering to young people and building their skills & confidence in evangelism, bible-teaching & discipleship, Rob continues to put those gifts to use as he teaches and supports the trainees in Equip.

Organisations We Serve

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